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How to Get Traffic to Your Website

It’s a question everyone with a website wants to know… “How do I get people to my website?”

Well, there’s no single answer to that question of course, but there are 3 basic ways to get people to your website:

  1. Buy
  2. Borrow
  3. Create

Buying Traffic
I think the first one, buying traffic, is pretty obvious. You could buy advertisements such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and other Pay Per Click methods. You could buy banner ads, ezine ads, etc.

Borrowing Traffic
But what does borrowing traffic mean? Well, one way of borrowing traffic is to team up with someone who will promote your website for you without charging. Why would they do that? You can team up with someone who has a similar product or service to yours, but that doesn’t directly compete (in other words, something that complements your product). They can either promote your product/service as an affiliate, or they may agree to promote your website if you promote theirs.

Often what would happen is you’d promote their website as an affiliate and they’d promote yours as an affiliate. So if they have a mailing list, they may e-mail their list about your product.

One of the best things you can do is get them to add a message to their autoresponder followup sequence so that every new subscriber gets the message about your ad and it’s on auto-pilot. If they do, you’d want to be sure and do the same thing for them.

If you don’t already have an e-mail autoresponder/follow-up system, the one I’d recommend is Aweber. You can get a free trial on their website.

You can also “borrow” traffic from popular websites like Social Networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Creating Traffic
How can you create traffic? One way is by writing articles. You can write articles and submit them to some of the popular article directories such as You generally won’t want to put many links in the articles themselves, but there is a resource box at the bottom of your article where you can provide information about yourself and a link back to your website.

Not only will these articles be posted on the websites of the article directories, but there is a chance that people who publish ezines and other online publications will use the article on their sites. If they do, they have to keep your resource box intact, meaning they’ll be posting links to your website on their site as well.

Another way to create traffic is to write reports or e-books that contain links to your website that you can give away and get other people to give away as well. They’d be glad to do so if it’s a really great report or if you can brand the links inside with their affiliate links.

A couple other sources of traffic would be videos and podcasts. You can display or mention your website address in the recordings, as well as in the descriptions.

Of course I’ve really only scratched the surface here, but it’s too big of a topic to cover in one blog post. One of my favorite resources for learning creative ways to generate traffic is a newsletter called The Web Traffic Report.

It’s a monthly print newsletter / CD set that’s shipped to you each month. You can get your first issue for free and see what you think.

I’ll post other ideas on my blog for you over time, so be sure to check back.

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