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Island Life

Well, another year has gone by that I haven’t updated my blog.  A lot has happened in the past year.  The biggest thing is that I’ve moved to a Caribbean island!

We came last summer to the Dominican Republic to pet-sit for some friends and do some volunteer work and things went so well that we decided to come back and stay indefinitely.

Since my work is all Internet-based, it doesn’t really matter where in the world I am.  So why not be in the Caribbean?

Of course, it’s definitely not all sitting on the beach drinking tropical drinks.  Life here is much different  It’s hot, there are mosquitoes, I don’t speak much of the language yet, and things are not very organized which makes it really difficult to even use services that are available (internet, electricity, etc.).  But overall it’s been a good experience for us.

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t see something that surprises me.  The people here are very interesting.  Most don’t have a lot materially so they are very resourceful and find creative ways to get things done, even if that means moving a washing machine on the back of a motorcycle (as seen in the picture on the right), or kids tying empty bottles around their waist as floaties when they swim in the sea.

I’ve also learned what it means to live simply.  Back home we have so many luxuries that we think are necessities.  It’s eye-opening to see people living in tiny one-room houses with several twin beds, where several people are sharing living space, with no bathroom or doors, etc., and there will be a bunch of these tiny houses in an area with one shared bathroom.

It’s amazing to see how people adapt to their circumstances and make due with what they have.

Of course, the island itself has some really beautiful places as well.

I’ll include a few pictures below of some of the nicer things.

I’ll try to post things on here a little more often, but then I’ve said that before and always seem to get busy with other things, so we’ll see.



This is definitely a perk to having an internet-based business – I can do it from anywhere.

It’s kind of crazy.  I’ve always intended to update my blog more often and my excuse was that I didn’t think I had anything interesting enough to say… but then I’ve been living in a foreign country for almost a year, experiencing all kinds of new, exciting, and often crazy things and I still haven’t been writing.  I’ll see what I can do about rectifying that.

Maybe you can help.  Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about?  How to operate your business from overseas, etc.?  If so, please leave comments and let me know.  Any other comments are welcome as well.

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