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Learn How to Make Your Own Websites for Free

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own websites but didn’t know where to start, I’m going to share a resource with you that will show you how – for free.

A friend of mine named Dan Kelly put together some training videos that will walk you through it step-by-step. It’s called Mini-Site Secrets Revealed.

The videos are primarily geared toward setting up “mini-sites”, which are basically one-page sales letters to sell something such as an e-book or other product. However, most of the basic principles are the same with other types of websites as well. The main difference is just the look and layout.

For instance, a “mini-site” typically doesn’t have a menu with links to other pages, whereas other websites usually do, such as an “About Us” page, a contact page, and possibly links to pages describing products and services. But again, a mini-site has one purpose: to sell one thing. It doesn’t link to any other pages or sites in most cases because those links will take people away from the page, meaning you’ll lose a sell. A mini-site forces a visitor to your site to make a decision: buy or don’t buy.

So depending on what your website is for, you’ll adapt accordingly. If it’s just a general website for your business, you’ll usually want to have an easy-to-use menu, linking to multiple pages on your site, divided by category. For instance, your menu might look something like this: “Home”, “Our Services”, “About Us”, “Contact Us”. However, if you’re selling a single product, it’s been proven that you’ll get better results with a single-page sales letter.

But again, using Dan Kelly’s Mini-Site Secrets Revealed, you’ll learn the basic principles of web design and once you know those you can apply them to whatever type of site you’re wanting to make.

Most of the resources Dan recommends are either free or very inexpensive, which is good when you’re starting out. For instance, he shows you to use the NVU program to edit your pages, which is FREE. I’ve posted some comments about that previously.

He refers you to GoDaddy to get domain names. You can usually get them a little cheaper at You can also get hosting there. But overall, Dan’s resources are pretty good.

So if you can learn to make your own websites, why would you ever pay someone to do it? Well, there are times when it might make sense to do it yourself but other times when you’d be better off paying someone to design your website.

If you’re setting up a personal website for your family or hobby, most times it wouldn’t make sense to pay someone to do this for you. Or even if you’re going to be selling something, if you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire someone to set up your site, you may not have any other choice but to do it yourself.

But keep in mind that if you hire someone with experience who has set up many websites and who does it every day, the website is going to look a lot more professional. Also, it will take you much longer to do it yourself. There is a learning curve you’ll have to get past before you can set up pages very quickly.

So I guess what it boils down to is that you may want to do it yourself if you have more time than money. But just know that when you’re starting out the websites you make may not look as professional as some. That may be fine, though. And even if you’re selling something, I’ve seen some pretty terrible looking websites that still made sales. So it’s better to get it going than waiting forever to get it perfect.

If it’s between doing it yourself and getting it done today or waiting till circumstances are perfect to get your site set up, you’d be much better off getting it going now. You can always improve it later.

If you watch Dan’s Mini-Site Secrets Revealed videos, let me know what you think.

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